Sunday, November 7, 2010

Headless Wonder

Anthropologie First Flight t
Anthro Field Game cardi
Anthro Organic Blooms necklace
Gap perfect boot jeans

So, my head and feet got cut off here. Hubby was getting a little impatient with my photography, so I had to take what I could. I like the whole army/navy vibe I've got going.

We visited Oklahoma's first Anthropologie yesterday. I didn't end up buying a whole lot because I'm on a budget but at least I got to make some returns. Yes, the cost of gas probably was equivalent to shipping the stuff back, but I detest paying to ship returns. The store was quite beautiful. I have mixed feelings about whether I want them to expand further in this region. I kind of like having stuff that not a lot of people around here have, and I think I would have to get a second job there just to support my habit if we had one close.

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