Monday, February 28, 2011


Eyeleted Paisley Button-Up
Cordial Embrace Sweaterdress
Baroque Sweatertights

not anthro-

Born boots

This needed a belt. Nothing quite worked. I look like I should be selling cookies.

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Fauvism Top
Pilcro Zip-Pocket Slims
Organic Blooms Necklace

not anthro-

J Crew cardi
Sport rainboots (not shown)

Thunder. Lightning. Downpour. Sunny. Cold. Windy.

All of these things happened today. Welcome to Oklahoma..


Blooming Buttondown

Not anthro-

Loft Dress
Old Navy t (underneath)
DSW boots
F21 cuff bracelet

This is a somewhat subdued look, but it doesn't hurt to keep everyone guessing.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Field Game cardi
Once & Always t
Contemporary Twist Wide Legs

Not anthro-
Loft tank
Easy Spirit booties

These are the most comfortable shoes in the history of ever. Ok, they aren't exactly the height of chic. Stacy and Clinton would probably burn them on sight, but they pamper my poor feet. And honestly, I think they are kind of quirky-cute.

Monday, February 21, 2011


Oratory Dress
Blushing Bouquet cardi

Not anthro-
Hue tights
Old Navy belt
Born boots

I have been looking for knee-high, flat, lightish brown boots for about two years. A lot of the ones I've found have either been too pointy-toed, suede (I reaaaaaaaaaally wanted leather) or plastic-y looking. So I am totally thrilled to debut my recent ON SALE find! I was actually able to walk in these all day, and they don't look cheap. I am relieved that I am able to find shoes that accommodate my foot issues without looking like granny shoes.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Brume Chemise
Soft Soaring Sweater

not anthro-
Old Navy Belt
Easy Spirit booties

Fact #1- It is February, and my legs have been under wraps for 4 months.

Fact #2- It was 80 degrees today.

Fact #3- The measly coat of self tanner I attempted this morning clearly had no effect whatsoever.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Wily Cardigan
Pilcro Zip Pocket Slims
Lanky Boot Socks

Not anthro-
Loft t shirt
Target tank & boots

Saturday/running errands/casual dinner out

Abuzzed Cardigan
Mirror, Mirror Tank
Advantage In Skirt
Organic Blooms necklace
Hue tights

Not anthro-
Me Too flats

Lots of theme dress up days this week. This was Candyland- wear your favorite color head to toe. This was my nod to the theme without looking like a banana.

And finally, 80s day:

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Saturday's Favorite Henley
Diamond Light Tank
Slow Gait Cargo Cords
Animal Crossing Belt

Not anthro-

Loft cardi
Gap necklaces
Target boots & socks

I went for a cute/casual pairing today. I wanted to be able to slog through any possible snow, but I also wanted to look put together. So far the snow is not falling, but its probably on its way.

Monday, February 7, 2011


Wooded Hideaway Skirt
Dressing Room Henley
Checkerboard Belt
Treehouse Climber Tank

not anthro-
J Crew cardi
AE necklace
DSW boots
??? sweatertights

Today I-
- got to wear a real outfit for the first time in a week
-actually made it until 12:45 with real shoes on my feet

We have one more day until the weather rears its ugly head again, and then it is likely back to five days of nothing but pajamas.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Palacio Blouse
Acres of Land cardi
Hue tights/purple

Not anthro-
Old Navy Skirt

Taking a picture should not be hard, even with a timer. Push a button. But I have been having an increasingly hard time getting self-portraits that don't make me look fat, goofy, or like a mannequin. This is the best I got out of yesterday's outfit, and it cut off my feet. Of course, I am usually making my attempts at the crack of dawn while I'm also trying to get the hell out the door on time.

Anyhow, I'll keep trying.