Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The long and shorts of it

Anthro-Underexposed Tank
Gap Boyfriend roll-up shorts
Target undertank
Roxy flip flops

Shorts, shorts, shorts. We have a love-hate relationship. Being a teacher, I have the summer off which basically means I don't have to wear real clothes for 3 months. Being a woman with the typical body hang-ups, I am crazy-picky about the exact millimeter of thigh that shorts hit at. I'm too old and too self conscious about my upper-thigh area to do booty shorts. I've worked too hard to keep my weight down to do grandma shorts. My typical standby for summer shorts is Bass Pro (my dirty little secret I've admitted here before) but even they failed me. I tried on shorts at Anthro (did bring home one pair that has potential if I let out the hem), Target and Old Navy...I know that isn't the be all end all of stores but I also refuse to pay more than about $40 for shorts because, THEY'RE SHORTS! I was about ready to go home in frustration when I decided to brave the mall. And like manna from heaven, these little treasures were waiting for me. They fit perfectly in the waist without pinching, I can adjust the leg length and they come in about 398 colors. Neon orange, neon pink, "active blue" and lavender currently live with me. Southern turquoise and deep guava may be my next acquisitions. So anyhow, I now feel like I can comfortably brave the summer while at least making some attempt to still have some style.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Aviatrix T
Lacy View Wedges

Loft Dress
A Slip Shop slip (etsy)

Elornis Shift
Foliage Fancy T

DV Archer Sandals

This little birdy number almost didn't get to live with me. I'm actually quite ashamed that I paid this price for a polyester dress. But it's a dress WITH FLAMINGOS, and dammit, I didn't want to wait for first cut! I also tried on about 10,382 items at Anthro a couple weeks ago and was sorely underwhelmed. I might revisit this weekend now that the Tag Sale is on (although I'm still pretty meh about what I've seen online). There are only 3 (3!3!3!) days of school left and then I get to be a lounge lizard for three months, so really I probably don't need to shop.

Friday, May 11, 2012


Day Off Skirt
Palacio Blouse

Loft Tank
Minnetonka Mocassins
So Saturated Blazer
Pilcro Boy T- bugs
Navy Days Crops

H&M necklace
Libby Edelman shoes
Attila Tee

Bob Timberlake tank
Gap pants
DV wedges

I don't feel like anything came out super winning fashion-wise this week. It is that time of year when I'd really be happy just living in shorts and tank tops but I have to get dressed for another week and a half. Trying to look professionalish, be comfortable, and not be HOT is a tall order. But anyhow, the countdown is on...

Friday, May 4, 2012

Only befitting

Tomato Picking Skirt
Underexposed Tank
Lacy View Wedges

?? jewelery
Mina Dress

Target shoes, belt, necklace

I wore orange every day this week. Didn't mean to, just kind of happened. I only photoed 2x though. I had a couple bad hair days, mostly due to sleeping in. I picked up Mina last weekend on super sale. Unfortunately no fishy shirt, boo! I may try again this weekend.