Saturday, November 30, 2013


Pilcro Dyed Ankle Chinos

Modcloth Positive Cat-itude Sweater
White Mountain Ingle Booties
Old Navy Scarf
Swingy Chambray Tunic
Shadowsleeve Cardi
Pilcro Cord Leggings (old)
Alma Potschke Scarf
Brass Tacks Boots

So a kid asked me on Monday, "Why do you have a cat on your shirt?" My response was "Why DON'T you have a cat on your shirt?" and now I think he has a goal. I'm glad I'm inspiring the youth of America.

The second outfit was for a movie date to see "Catching Fire" in the fancy theater with reclining heated seats. I was thinking comfort comfort comfort. This fit the bill.

Black Friday shopping was okay, but I just don't think anything is ever going to top 2011's 50% off sale promo. I ordered from Anthro, Gap, and Nordstrom and now the waiting game begins.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Ch ch ch changes

Whitecap Tunic
Momentary Flutter Necklace

Old Navy skinny cargoes
Loft cardi
Born wedges
Clematis Pencil Skirt

Target cardi and boots
Gap T
Roberta Chiarella necklace

I actually got dressed more than twice this week. We got a blast of winter weather at the end of the week and let's just say nothing I layered on was worth taking a picture of. There is even a chance we may get snow this weekend and it isn't even winter yet. Here's to hoping!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

November Rain

Keep it Simple Tunic
AG Stevie Cords
Quilted Peep-Toes

Caslon Blazer (Nordstrom)
Count the Waves Dress
Philomene Top
Steep Buckle Moto Boots
Baroque Sweater Tights
Sheathed Wings Necklace

Gap beaded necklace
Gemini Cardigan
Brass Tacks Boots

 Modcloth Slow and Behold Top
Wit & Wisdom jeans (Nordstrom
Scribble Stripe Maxi Dress
Soft Soaring Sweater
Checkerboard Belt

Target boots
Roberta Chiarella necklace

Well, we were supposed to have some more rainy days this week at least. It is supposed to be back up in the 70s this weekend. Not that I am complaining, because then my poor dog won't be cooped up.
Only a couple more weeks until Black Friday. I'm seeing rumors that Anthropologie might repeat their amazing 50% off sale from two years ago so here's to hoping.

Saturday, November 9, 2013


 AG Stevie Cords
Marta Lace Up Wedges

Bobeau Top/Nordstrom
Roberta Chiarella Layer Cake necklace
Compartment Cargo Cords
Steep Buckle Moto Boots

Splendid Top
Oratory Dress
Charmeuse Splice Cardi
Venetian Blinds Belt
Hue Tights/copper

Born Boots
Target necklace
Here & There T
Climate Control Cardi
Hartley Trousers

Roberta Chiarella Necklace
Nurture Wedges

The temps continue to bounce around a bit. I'm pulling out some classic pieces this week. My last few orders from Anthro have resulted in a lot of returns and not much else. I also need to rebuild wealth a little bit after the last expensive month or so. Next week we are supposed to have a major dip in temps, so stay tuned for layers.

Sunday, November 3, 2013


Woodland Haze Top
Joe's Petite Microflares
Fanned Shine Booties

Roberts Chiarella necklace
 Eshakti skirt
Gap Top
H&M scarf
Anne Klein boots
Foliage Fancy T
Steep Buckle Moto Boots

Modcloth Back to Your Routes skirt
AE sweater
Wish You Were Here Cardi
Lyon Twill Cargos

DSW boots
Roberta Chiarella necklace

It is that weird time of year when temps fluctuate on a daily or even hourly basis. I was looking at some posts from about a year ago and we had temperatures in the 90s up through about mid-November. Now it is just starting to get cold, but not quite enough to need a bunch of layers every day. It is supposed to pour rain for the next two days, but we'll see.