Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Clusterfudge of online shopping

I need to figure out how to get my husband out of the house Thursday. I have no less than 5 packages that are supposed to arrive that day (1 from The Body Shop and 4 from Anthro- they split 2 orders both into multiple shipments.) I made a comment oh, last week, that I really probably have all the clothes I need and especially with how limited I'm going to be with my foot issue I should just chill...

Then came multiple days of being at home and having to remain in a reclined position. I mean, what was I SUPPOSED to do, really? Play online scrabble? Watch the Food Network? (wait, I have been doing that. I have a LOT OF FREE TIME RIGHT NOW!)

Mr. husband doesn't have a problem with the amount that I shop, but I can foresee the convergence of purchases on our doorstep at least getting me a raised eyebrow. Look, he benefits. He does (I'm going somewhere with this). Fitting into cute clothing is my #1 motivation for staying slim. Vain, shallow, whatevs, it keeps me from puffing up, which would be REALLY easy to do right now! (see aforementioned lack of mobility). So I will continue to selflessly find additional, preferably on sale, reasons to not stuff my face with marshmallows.


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