Saturday, January 18, 2014

Pilcro Stet Ankle-Zip Cords
Naima Embroidered Buttondown
Sweep-Front Cardigan

Target necklace
DSW boots
Diamond-Stitched Moto Pants ($20 after price adjustment!!)
Fanned Shine Booties

Red Prairie Press Cat Lover tank 
Loft cardi
Roberta Chiarella necklace
AG Stevie Cords
Wound Barra boots

C Wonder Dachshund Intarsia Sweater
Roberta Chiarella necklace

Apparently I had a formula this week. Sweater + pants + boots. That is kind of okay with me. I tend to get into certain moods and then stick with them. Maybe I'll bust out some skirts next week.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Slave to the Grind

Pilcro Stet Ankle Zip Cords
Striped Bandit Pullover

Minnetonka Mocassins
Bianka Blouse
Pilcro Stet Colored Jeans
Warmth & Respite Cardigan
Marta Lace Up Wedges
Lace Ruled Cardigan
AG Stevie Ankle Moto Cords
Steep Buckle Moto Boots

Target T

Back to work this week. It went pretty smoothly considering everyone's brains were basically mush for two weeks. My no-shopping-January is in full swing. I still have some things I bought over break that haven't been worn yet, so it isn't too painful. Talk to me around the 28th, though...

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Back to Reality (Maybe)

Pilcro Stet Ankle-Zip Cords **
Sweep Front Cardigan
With a Twist Henley (old!!)

Roberta Chiarella necklace
Minnetonka Mocassins

Been quiet on the outfit front, it being winter break and all. We ventured out yesterday for dinner and errands. Tomorrow is back to school except... it is pretty wintry out there. We got some snow this morning-not enough to keep us out of school by itself though. Buuuuuuuuut wind chills tomorrow are supposed to be sub-zero in the morning and we wouldn't want the baby children out at the bus stops or walking to school in that. Anyhow I could really go either way. I'm prepared to go back, but I'm also prepared to sleep in another day!

** LOVE THESE PANTS! Ordered them and had them delivered to my mom's over Christmas during the 40% off cords sale. They went on sale-sale the next week and Anthro gave me a price adjustment plus the 25% off promo! I luckily managed to find them in two more colors in-store for only $35 each after the discount! I am now on a month long shopping diet so I'm glad I found these on my last day of gluttony!