Thursday, November 29, 2012



Honeyed Life Shirtdress
?? top by Tiny

Target belt
Born boots
Sea Nettle Shift

J Crew Cardi
H&M belt
Target tights
Aerosoles wedges
Lacy Hooded Peplum Pullover
Duo Pattern Skirt
Aviatrix T
Jubiliation Necklace
Brass Tacks Boots
Hue tights

Disney hat. This was hat day at school. This is why I don't wear hats. I felt like Blossom all day.

Apparently this was "tights week" for me. I love tights. They allow me to expand seemingly warm-weather items into the cooler season. It is probably going to be time to update my collection soon.

Sunday, November 25, 2012


Lacy Hooded Peplum Pullover
Illusory Top
Joe's Petite Microflares

DSW boots
Old Navy scarf

The only thing I left Anthro with this weekend was a $46 price adjustment. Major score. There just wasn't anything singing to me. I did get a top at Loft (they did the promo that we all thought Anthro was going to do ...) and ordered a couple things from Modcloth. I have never ordered from them before, so I'm very curious to see their fit/quality.

*Here is why my old posts all say "Koda" as the author.* I started a blog for my dog. Yeah, I'm a dork. I didn't really think to make a separate account for her, and for boring reasons I don't really want that blog linked to this one. So I changed the username on my previous account to "Koda" and then unlinked the blogs, but its still showing that as the author of previous posts. Now you know*

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Put a bird on it

Elornis Shift
Field Game Cardi

Target necklace
Born boots

Says who you can't wear flamingos in mid-November?

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Lace & Chambray Shirtdress
Soft Soaring Sweater
?? Necklace

Hue sweatertights
Report wedges
Wooded Hideaway Skirt
Escalope Necklace
Steep Buckle Moto Boots

Hue Tights
Splended T
Kensie vest

Temps have finally dipped a bit. Hooray!

Friday, November 9, 2012


Top- Olivia Moon
Skinny Cargoes- Old Navy
Belt- H&M
Shoes- DV

A rare Anthro-free day. Temps are still baffling. This was my nod to red/white/blue for election day.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Heat Goes On

Artist's Study Cardi
Shy Stalks Shell

Kut from the Kloth pants
Aerosoles Wedges
Here & There T
Pilcro Dyed Chinos

Miss Trish for Target shoes
Target necklace

November 2nd had a high of 87. No matter how long I live here, I can't quite get a handle on the weather. It will seem like fall is setting in and then we'll get this. Or it will seem like we're going to have a harsh winter, and nothing. The only things we can really count on are unbearably hot summers.