Sunday, December 25, 2011

Shop, Drop, n Roll

Fauvism top
Shadowsleeve cardi
Joe's Petite Microflare
Steep buckle moto boots
Escalope necklace

This was my "why on earth am I going to the mall December 23rd?" ensemble. The truth is, it was mainly because I hadn't bought much for the hubs yet. Also, I wanted to hit up Gap and BR for their 40% off-sale-sale. BR was horridly picked over, but two Gaps scored me 4 pairs of pants for can't-beat-em prices. I find that overall, pants are one area that Anthro just doesn't serve me well. I've been feeling less ruffly-girly lately and sorely feeling the lack of pants in my closet. I think I'm going to take a deep breath and try to back off shopping for a while. I partook in most of the great promos that Anthro has sent our way, but I've also returned a whole lot of stuff that just didn't pan out in person. I think now is the time to shop my closet and wait out the true spring line.

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