Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Cold Spell plus Black Friday Haul

Shy Stalks Shell *
Duo Patterned Skirt *
Brass Tacks Boots *
?? necklace* (I ordered the Ricochet Necklace- this is what I got.. but I like it)
Gemini Cardigan

*part of the BF extravaganza


Dressing Room Heley
Contemporary Twist Wide Legs

Gap tank
J Crew Cardi
White Mountain Ingle booties

All weekend, the weather predicted it was supposed to snow. Then the tricky little storm did an about-face and went somewhere else. The bottom line, I had to work yesterday, which made me a little bitter. I am definitely starting to have to keep the COLD in mind while dressing in the morning. At least I don't need to be out in it much, but bundling is still needed. On the plus side, I can get use out of the boot avalanche that now inhabits my closet.

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