Thursday, December 1, 2011

I'm an elf, and I'm okay


First Flight T
Grassland Gallop Skirt

Mossimo/Target long sleeve T
Kohls tights
Old Navy scarf
White Mountain Ingle booties

So, yeah, the whole green plus these awesome ankle boots has a distinct elfish quality. I really don't care, because I totally dig this outfit.

And in important news, my Anthro Black Friday haul arrived today. Mostly success- one shirt was strangely not included in the shipment, one necklace was totally NOT the one I ordered but I like it anyways, and the Whipstiched Riding Boots are just not meant to be for me. But overall, I'm pretty damn happy with what I ended up with. I did get the 25% coupon since one item was canceled but I'm unsure if it will get used. My budget needs a bit of a break!

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