Saturday, January 11, 2014

Slave to the Grind

Pilcro Stet Ankle Zip Cords
Striped Bandit Pullover

Minnetonka Mocassins
Bianka Blouse
Pilcro Stet Colored Jeans
Warmth & Respite Cardigan
Marta Lace Up Wedges
Lace Ruled Cardigan
AG Stevie Ankle Moto Cords
Steep Buckle Moto Boots

Target T

Back to work this week. It went pretty smoothly considering everyone's brains were basically mush for two weeks. My no-shopping-January is in full swing. I still have some things I bought over break that haven't been worn yet, so it isn't too painful. Talk to me around the 28th, though...


  1. I love all of your outfits. The pilcro cords are great aren't they? I think they are better than the AG Stevies cords. I got them during the same sale in grey. I love them. I have gone over my budget for January, so besides one item I will be buying in February, I will probably not be purchasing anything for the next month and a half. Thank God February is so short. I am right there with you!


  2. DOUBLE HEART LOVE the pilcro cords. I also might like them a tiny bit more than the AGs. They are a little more work appropriate (but I wear Stevies to work too..) Thanks for the love!