Friday, December 6, 2013

Let it snow!

Ruffled Scoopneck
Venetian Blinds Belt
Lacy View Wedges

Gap pants
Roberta Chiarella necklace

Lakshya Cardigan
Scalloped Pointelle Loop
Pilcro Cord Leggings

BR Factory dress
Born boots
Empty Nest Pullover
Compartment Cargo Cords
Brass Tacks Boots

H&M scarf

So Tuesday I had open toes and today I'm home with a snow day. Considering winter doesn't even hit for another two weeks, I'm not sure how this bodes for January and February.

The shirt in the top pic was one of the few successes from Black Friday. I ordered a ton and I'm going to have to return a lot of it. I'm pretty bummed because I was excited about some pieces. I'm also kicking myself for not visiting in-store so that I could have been assured of things I liked. Oh well. We'll be in Texas for Christmas and their malls blow ours away, so here's to after-Christmas sales!


  1. I love that empty nest pullover. So bummed I missed it. The color is so pretty on you!