Saturday, November 30, 2013


Pilcro Dyed Ankle Chinos

Modcloth Positive Cat-itude Sweater
White Mountain Ingle Booties
Old Navy Scarf
Swingy Chambray Tunic
Shadowsleeve Cardi
Pilcro Cord Leggings (old)
Alma Potschke Scarf
Brass Tacks Boots

So a kid asked me on Monday, "Why do you have a cat on your shirt?" My response was "Why DON'T you have a cat on your shirt?" and now I think he has a goal. I'm glad I'm inspiring the youth of America.

The second outfit was for a movie date to see "Catching Fire" in the fancy theater with reclining heated seats. I was thinking comfort comfort comfort. This fit the bill.

Black Friday shopping was okay, but I just don't think anything is ever going to top 2011's 50% off sale promo. I ordered from Anthro, Gap, and Nordstrom and now the waiting game begins.

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