Thursday, June 2, 2011


Once & Always t
Inkwell Skirt

Naturalizer MaryJanes*

*These lasted about 5 minutes before I changed into flip-flops. Truth in advertising.

And so here it is. The last batch of real clothing that I will wear until about August. Honestly by the time summer ends, I'm actually itching for school to start again so I have a reason to get dressed. Even the last few days of school it was all crops/ts/flip-flops, which I obviously didn't bother capturing on film (disc? memory card?) I might dress up a couple times while we are on vacation. So other than that, I will be probably be pretty silent around here!

Blooming Buttondown

Old Navy tank
Bob Timberlake for Bass Pro skirt
Target sandals

And so here is my dirty secret. Bass Pro (yes, the fishing/hunting/outdoor store) is a surprisingly good place to pick up casual basics. I buy my shorts there almost exclusively- they are affordable, well-made, and here is the most important part, LONG ENOUGH WITHOUT BEING OLD LADY SHORTS! This particular line, Bob Timberlake, also has anthro-esque separates occasionally. I could not resist this embroidered chambray skirt.


Runny Yoke Skirt

Loft tank
J Crew cardi
Target belt
Me Too flats

Not much to say about this. I match. I really love this skirt!


Abuzz Cardi
Horseshoe Falls t
Woven Buds belt
Currencies necklace

BR crops
Target sandals

This was one of those days where I had a totally different outfit laid out and then when I put it on, it did noooot work. I felt very "meh" about this combo on the hangers, but then it totally worked when I put it on. Go accessories!

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