Friday, December 31, 2010

I think I'm a snob

Philomene Top
With-a-Twist Henley
Pilcro Zip-Pocket Slims
Lanky Boot Socks
Loft cardigan
Target boots

I went to the mall today. Yuck. My first priority was to return some leggings. I ordered the Pilcro cord leggings at Anthro and I was just sort of grumpy over the $88 price tag for something I'm really planning on wearing as tights. So yesterday I found a similar pair by Hue for $24. They were packed up like tights so I didn't try them on until today. I looked like Peter Pan. The color, fabric, and fit just was not as sophisticated, so those got returned and I will be keeping my original pair.

My other observation today is that just about everything in the mall was total crap. I know everything is fairly picked over post-holiday, but blech. So much polyester and acrylic! I picked up a few things that looked good on the hanger, but I am now in the habit of looking at the fabric label immediately- sort of like reading nutrition facts at the grocery store. Of course, as soon as I touched most of this stuff I could tell it was garbage. I have gotten spoiled by quality (which is why I'm hoping the true Spring line at Anthro is an improvement over the current new releases.) So, I did not come home with any purchases, which is really quite okay with me as I need to flipping cool it anyways.

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