Saturday, April 16, 2016

Fall into the...

Amapola Dress
Steep Buckle Moto Boots

Gap cardi
Roberta Chiarella necklace
Level 99 pants
Miss Me Top
Sofft Sandals
Roberta Chiarella necklace
Gap jacket
Artist's Study Cardigan
Ada Tank
Brass Tack boots

Gap cargoes
Roberta Chiarella necklace
Sapphire Day Dress
Eclipsed Alyssum Sandals

Gap t
H&M cardi

I guess it was a Gap kind of week. I actually worked there for a couple years in college. When I started shopping at Anthro about 6 years ago, I went full-bore for a while, to the point where I didn't want to wear much of anything else. Then I realized it was necessary to have some basics to balance out the ruffles, wackadoo prints, and more challenging silhouettes. Gap has made its way back into my life and probably holds the #2 spot in my closet. Definitely in the wind-down mode now. Weather has been relatively pleasant, but with some rain thrown in. But.. summer is coming!

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