Saturday, November 7, 2015

Rinse, repeat

Chiffon Spliced T
Clematis Pencil Skirt

DV Archer Sandals
Roberta Chiarella necklace/bracelet
Rational Ruffles T
Ribboned Wool Wide Legs
Tucked Away Blooms cardi

Dansko wedges
Roberta Chiarella necklace
Fetch & Frolic Dress
Shadowsleeve Cardigan

Shoeland moccasins
Roberta Chiarella necklace
Banded Stripes Blazer
Fanned Shine Booties

Gap cargoes
Modcloth Reflections on Style tank
Roberta Chiarella necklace

The slightly changing temps mean that I'm sort of breaking out of my wardrobe rut. Being able to put on a few layers always helps. I'm really resisting the urge to keep just adding, adding, adding things to my overstuffed closet. I need to get over my mental block of repeating ensembles. (I like to find new combinations to wear what I have.) It is also probably time to clean out or store some things that don't really fit, etc.

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