Sunday, November 25, 2012


Lacy Hooded Peplum Pullover
Illusory Top
Joe's Petite Microflares

DSW boots
Old Navy scarf

The only thing I left Anthro with this weekend was a $46 price adjustment. Major score. There just wasn't anything singing to me. I did get a top at Loft (they did the promo that we all thought Anthro was going to do ...) and ordered a couple things from Modcloth. I have never ordered from them before, so I'm very curious to see their fit/quality.

*Here is why my old posts all say "Koda" as the author.* I started a blog for my dog. Yeah, I'm a dork. I didn't really think to make a separate account for her, and for boring reasons I don't really want that blog linked to this one. So I changed the username on my previous account to "Koda" and then unlinked the blogs, but its still showing that as the author of previous posts. Now you know*


  1. shout out to you on my blog today!! thanks!

  2. Peggy I just saw this today. I kind of assume no one reads my blog and never look for comments!!