Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Aija Maxi Dress
Shadowsleeve Cardi
Venetian Blinds Belt
Jubilation Necklace
Lacy View Wedges

I so didn't realize there was some weird false hem sewn into this dress and it actually is about an inch longer. Gah! The black cardi wasn't the best choice but I needed something to throw over it to be work-appropriate.
Graphic Frangipani Tank
Day Off Skirt
Wish You Were Here Cardi

Old Navy Scarf
Minnetonka Mocassins

I dressed from the feet up today. My thought process was basically- I want to wear comfortable shoes. Now what bottom can I wear- and so on up. I was all about mixing patterns today (already 2 patterns on the shirt and then adding in the cardi). Keeping to a neutral color palette helps me look slightly less crazy.

We are supposed to have a dramatic temp drop tonight (hooray!!) so I might get to break out some boots tomorrow. I get excited over these kinds of things.

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