Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Today and yesterday

Inkwell Skirt
Bit of Pearl Blouse
Wily Cardi

Other bits n pieces, unknown

Woodland Haze Top
Ribbed Boy Tank

Gap wide leg trousers
Aerosoles wedges (not really seen due to aforementioned wideness of trouser legs)

So yesterday, I almost looked like a normal person who does not own the following: skirts with foxes, goldfish, zebras; sweaters with bumblebees, turtles, coyotes, birds; shirts with owls, insects, butterflies; and one dragonfly dress. I love myself a quirky critter-based print.

Today I definitely outdid myself pairing coyotes with striped-and-ribboned tie-dye. I felt a little wackadoo, but sometimes I need to embrace the crazy.

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