Monday, May 9, 2011

Foliage Fancy T
Momentary Flutter necklace

Loft dress
Target belt
Sandals- unknown origin

I spent a lot of time this weekend involved in depilation, exfoliation, and pigmentation. Which is a fancy way of saying I removed a lot of hair, scrubbed myself raw, and applied coats and coats of self-tanner. I now feel somewhat more prepared to face the 90s + temperatures that swept in this weekend. This pretty much means that summer weather is upon us- once we get back-to-back days of 90s, we don't slide back into cooler temps. I am now down to only needing 14 more outfits, but really, about half of those I can dress pretty slobby. It is making sticking to a shopping ban a little more palatable though, because even if I was buying stuff I wouldn't really get a chance to wear any of it!

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