Sunday, October 24, 2010

Anthropologie Contrasting Elements tank
Anthro Field Game Cardigan
Gap Perfect Boot jeans
Naturalizer maryjanes
necklace ??

This tank has been getting a lot of play lately. Because the base pattern is navy and sort of an offwhite, it goes with about half my closet. I also like that it is a tshirt fabric but a somewhat more sophisticated cut, so it toes the line between casual and dressy. Also, I wanted to participate in anthroholic's themed reader outfits with this cardigan, and I like the way these two pieces look together.

Onto other topics. #1 my goofy picture smile. My dear departed grandmother always had a very strange smile in pics and the extended family used to tease her mercilessly. I am seeing the same trait more and more in myself. It is hard to have a genuine smile in pics. #2 but related, my goofy body positions in the pics I have been taking. I am having some issues posing myself in an attractive manner when using the self timer on my camera. I either have 19 chins or some other strange body parts that only seem to be visible on camera, like my right hip here that does not actually exist in reality.

OK. I feel better now!

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